A Super Bowl advertisement for digital home assistant caused problems for many who already owned the device.

During Super Bowl LI Sunday, Google touted its Google Home device, which uses voice commands to perform various tasks around the house such as playing music or turning lights off and on.

But the commercial showed people actually using their devices which, apparently, caused current owners’ devices to go crazy.

During the commercial, users were shown saying “OK Google, turn on the hall lights.” “OK Google, turn off the music.” “OK Google, what sound does a whale make?”

Those commands seem to have caused many devices to spring into action in homes across the country.

“That Google Home commercial had my Google Home going crazy”, wrote one person on Twitter.

“#Google Home #superbowl #Ad must have started conversations with actual devices everywhere, mine did! #googlehome #IoT,” wrote another.

Voice-activated personal assistants are growing in popularity, with online retailing giant Amazon also fielding a similar device called Echo.

Google has yet to comment on the commercial.

Here’s the commercial:


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